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💡 Be a part of the green energy revolution.
homecell is pioneering a new relationship between humans and electricity supply. By storing electricity from the national grid when it is most renewable, homecell allows clean energy to be used at any time, regardless of the weather and removing the dependency on fossil fuels.
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Group project (thesis)
16 weeks
MSc/MA IDE Year 2


Double diamond
Human-centred design
Systems thinking



Technology prototype
Looks-like prototype
Video + presentation


Research, concept, user testing, prototyping, UX/UI, branding, visuals, system


Adobe Illustrator, Keynote, Adobe Premiere Pro, Figma, Python

The problem.

Global energy production is still heavily dependent on burning non-renewable resources such as oil and gas, which significantly contribute to carbon emissions. The UK has pledged to improve the situation by becoming carbon net zero before the year 2050. But there is a problem. Renewable sources of energy are very dependent on the weather making them intermittent.

The product.

At homecell, we are pioneering a new relationship between humans and the energy ecosystem. Our aim is to introduce energy as a lifestyle choice to people. We know that the electricity we consume comes from a mix of sources, with an increasing proportion being renewable. However, these green sources are heavily dependent on weather conditions, resulting in intermittent and unpredictable supply. We designed homecell, a plug-and-store device that stores electricity from the national grid when it is most renewable, allowing clean energy to be used at home, any time, by anyone. Giving the power back to the people in the green energy transition.
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Supply and demand mismatch

Our solution 1_edited.jpg

green energy

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Technology demonstration.

You made it to the end! 🥳

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