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🔦 A next-generation flashlight.
Lux is a hands-free kinetically-charged flashlight, capable of charging while you walk. Lux is paired with a drawstring bag lined with reflective fabric capable of enhancing the light it produces. The flashlight was specifically designed with outdoor activities in mind.
Lux lightpod render


User research, concept, prototyping, 3D modelling


Rhino 3D, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Group project with S. Wilson,
M. Drake and S. Chen
1 week


Design sprint
User-centred design


2-minute presentation
A3 poster

The brief.

The brief for this project was to design an evolutionary innovation of a rechargeable flashlight for Uniqlo. Utilising user-centred research, we identified common pain points with flashlights in the specific context of outdoor activities, like holding a flashlight during activities that require both hands, and recharging it.

The product.

The outcome of this design sprint was a kinetically-charged lightpod capable of charging while you walk. The lightpod is designed to clip onto any fabric, and comes with a drawstring bag lined with reflective fabric which enhances the light emitted by the lightpod. Lux would incorporate seamlessly into Uniqlo's brand by being paired with a line of clothing which uses reflective material.
Lux poster
LUX Diagram.png

Directional light

Top floodlight

Mode indicator

Bottom floodlight

Magnetic base

Charge indicator

Drawstring bag with reflective lining

Lux mode 1 render

Mode 1

Directional light

Lux mode 2 render

Mode 2

+ Top floodlight

Lux mode 3 render

Mode 3

+ Bottom floodlight

1bAsset 1_2x.png
Recharge flashlight to go look for firewood
Using flashlight while looking for firewood
Recharging flashlight again
Using flashlight while carrying firewood
When will this flashlight be charged?
Restless, impatient, confused
How long will the charge last?
Content, doubtful
I have to charge this again?
Annoyed, impatient, confused
I can't carry both things
Annoyed, impatient

User journey.

Camping: Collecting firewood at night with a classic dynamo rechargeable flashlight


Flashlight teardown
Iteration1 sketch
Iteration 1 render
Iteration 2 sketch
Iteration 2 render

You made it to the end! 🥳

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