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🍬 Creating a habit of snack refilling.
PepsiCo Refill & Go is a 3 -phase human-centred strategy aiming to build a sustainable snack refilling habit - activate, build, optimise. This strategy involves refilling stations with a digital extension in the form of an app, and would be implemented in Asia and Europe.
Refill&Go refill station render


User research, concept, user testing, UX/UI, 3D modelling, visualisations


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino 3D, V-Ray, Figma


Group project with J. Wei
and E. Kayganaci for PepsiCo
3 weeks


Double diamond
Human-centred design


6-minute presentation
Pitch deck

The brief.

Conventional snack packets are single use plastics. 44% of plastic litter comes from food and drinks. Whilst drink refilling is a widespread habit, snack refilling is very uncommon. How might we design refill-on-the-go experiences for PepsiCo snack consumers to remove the need for single-use plastic packaging?

The product.

Refill&Go is a 3-phase strategy facilitated by refill stations and an app, designed to guide PepsiCo snack consumers into a sustainable refilling habit. Phase 1, activate, aims to initiate the refilling habit by targeting events and festivals where consumers are open to trying new things. Phase 2, build, aims to build the habit by leveraging settings where routines are formed like offices and universities. Phase 3, optimise, will see refilling stations placed in supermarkets to achieve widespread use of Refill&Go.
1bAsset 7_2x_edited.png

Activate phase

1bAsset 8_2x.png

Build phase


1bAsset 10_2x.png

Process deck.

You made it to the end! 🥳

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